There Came a Rich Man (March 31, 2024)

Jesus’ Burial and Resurrection
Matthew 27-28

God’s story throughout history, revealed in the Bible, shows us that he works through people to accomplish his plan. Some people are prominent and well-known – Abraham, Moses, King David, the Apostle Paul. Some people are virtually unknown, such as Eliashib, Zakkur and Hassenaah who were instrumental in helping Nehemiah rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. And others, such as Pilate and Judas, show that he also uses wicked people to carry out his purposes.

In this message, we’ll look at the people involved with Jesus from just after his death through his resurrection. We’ll trace these world-changing events from the story of a rich man from Arimathea to the resurrected Christ, the rich man who became poor to make us eternally rich.

Speaker: Pastor David Sheppard

Message Notes