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All Events Cancelled thru mid-June

Our COVID-19 Response

In Minnesota, it’s not unheard of to cancel church due to winter weather. But we’ve never had to cancel church because of a virus, and do so for weeks in a row.

          As leaders at Oakwood Church, we accept our responsibility to seek God’s wisdom first regarding how we should respond. We also recognize the wisdom of listening to experts regarding the COVID-19 virus. Jesus said we were to “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. (Matthew 22:21). Among other things, this means that there are matters in which it is good to submit to governmental authority (see Romans 13:1-7).

          On Tuesday, March 17, we met to discuss our response to the crisis we face. Here’s what took place:

1) Based on the meeting size restrictions mandated by our governor, we decided to cancel all events through the end of March, 2020. At the end of the month we will re-evaluate what to do next.
UPDATE: Based on the Governor’s directive, we’ve extended this cancellation thru mid June.

2) We prayed, for wisdom for ourselves, for God’s direction for health officials attempting to curb this virus, and for you. We prayed for safety, calm, and confidence in the Lord to carry you through.

3) We determined to do everything we can to stay in touch with you. This includes:

  • A weekly email / mail update.
  • A recorded message on our church phone announcing our meeting status. (651.578.8478)
  • A daily video update on the home page of our website (oakwoodmn.org)
  • Regular phone calls from people at Oakwood to find out how you’re doing, and if you have any prayer requests or praises to share with us.

 4) We decided to use the technology we have to provide an opportunity for worship and connection. This will include:

  • A brief weekday message on our homepage from Pastor Sheppard called Wisdom from the Word. (see below)
  • On Sunday, worshiping together via Zoom, or watching the recorded message on our homepage.
  • Prayer and Bible study at various times throughout the week via Zoom.

5) We also talked about getting you involved. We are asking you to:

  • Pray for our nation and our church people and leaders.
  • Call, text or email each other to stay connected.
  • Gather in your home Sunday morning for family worship. To prepare (if possible), download and print the sermon notes. During our Zoom meeting, we will provide a worship service during which we will sing, Pastor Sheppard will preach, and we will pray. This can be an incredible experience for your family!
  • Check our website each day for the latest updates.

          Above all, let’s determine that in everything we do, we will honor the Lord Jesus. Weigh carefully what you say. Don’t let anxiety overwhelm you. Show genuine compassion for those who are suffering. We are followers of the Lord over all things – let’s behave in ways that exalt Him before the world.

Pastor Sheppard and Oakwood’s Leadership Board

Wisdom from the Word
(COVID-19 Response)
May 29, 2020

There are many ideas about what a church should be like. Sometimes church structures become so complicated that the essence of the New Testament pattern is obscured. At Oakwood Church, we want to put our best efforts into the core essentials of what a church should be doing. So when you attend a Sunday service you will experience personal prayer, expository preaching from an open Bible, music geared toward participation, and encouraging Christian fellowship. And throughout the week you’ll find opportunities to learn, connect, serve, and reach out.

We are intentionally simple. We welcome you to experience this with us.

God bless.

Pastor David Sheppard

Postponed (meeting via Zoom)
Wednesday Nights
6:30-8:00 pm

Come Together is a multi-generational event designed to integrate activity, music, fellowship and Bible study. Each Wednesday begins casually at 6:30 during which we hang out, drink some coffee, and catch up on the week’s events. At 7:00 we launch the activity / music / Bible study segment. Right now the adults are examining Jesus’ letters to the seven churches in Revelation. Our youth are learning what the Bible teaching about how to become a Christian, how to face the challenges life brings, and how to share the good news of Jesus with their friends. Whatever your age or family situation, there is a place here for you!

Join us for our 2020 New Testament
Bible Reading Challenge