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There are many ideas about what a church should be like. Sometimes church structures become so complicated that the essence of the New Testament pattern is obscured. At Oakwood Church, we want to put our best efforts into the core essentials of what a church should be doing. So when you attend a Sunday service you will experience personal prayer, expository preaching from an open Bible, music geared toward participation, and encouraging Christian fellowship. And throughout the week you’ll find opportunities to learn, connect, serve, and reach out.

We are intentionally simple. We welcome you to experience this with us.

God bless.

Pastor David Sheppard

You’re Invited to Sunday Worship 
10:30 am

Please bring a mask.
We respectfully ask that you not attend if you
are sick or have a temperature over 100.

Sunday Worship 
April 4, 2021

Who Do I Say I Am?
Part Three: The Resurrection and the Life, and the Way, Truth and Life.


Message Notes

Wisdom from the Word
(A Tuesday / Thursday reflection on the Bible’s message)
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First Principles
Discipleship Initiative
(Sundays in-person and Zoom)

* 9am (Women’s Zoom)
* 9:30 am (In Person Adult and Students Classes)
* Noon (Adult In Person and Zoom)

To learn more or sign up, email us at office@oakwoodmn.org

First Principles
is a discipleship process designed to establish believers in the faith. Ephesians 4:14 tells us this is necessary to avoid being “blown here and there by every wind of teaching.” Every Christian needs to be firmly rooted in the truths of God’s Word.

Each week for seven weeks, we’ll meet in person or virtually, depending on your preference. We’ll look at six key elements of becoming Christ’s disciple. There’s homework, opportunities for questions and discussion, and a weekly examination of the Bible’s teaching.

Through the First Principles, we hope to establish a culture of connection, communication, and the careful interpretation of God’s Word. This will help us grow toward maturity and prepare us to share the gospel with others.

To learn more or sign up, email office@oakwoodmn.org. (Some classes offer the Zoom option).

Join us for our 2021 New Testament
Bible Reading Challenge