Mastering Money – Part One: Rich Toward God (January 7, 2024)

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Luke 12

If we carefully pick and choose, we can be comfortable with Jesus’ teachings. What he said about loving our neighbor or being a peacemaker – we applaud those virtues. But some of Jesus’ teachings make us downright uncomfortable. What he said about heaven and hell, about him being the only way to the Father – he expressed truths that by their very nature are discomforting.

This is also true of what Jesus taught about money. He challenged the foundations of what we believe about it, and much of it is contrary to what we might call the American Dream. He even said our money can keep us from God.

In this series, we’ll examine what Jesus, as well as the Apostle Paul, teach us regarding our wealth and possessions. The goal is to develop a Bible-sourced view of money.


Speaker: Pastor David Sheppard

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