The Triumph of God’s Grace (2 Corinthians) – Part Ten: God’s Approval (March 5, 2023)


During his 2nd missionary journey, the Apostle Paul visited Corinth, a city in modern-day Greece. Acts 18 tells us that God protected him during that time since there were many people in the city that He wanted to reach. Paul spent 1 1/2 years in Corinth, preaching the gospel and establishing a church. However, after Paul left, problems and controversy set in almost immediately. 

2 Corinthians was written after much of the controversy was resolved. Nevertheless, false ‘apostles’ continued to undermine Paul’s authority. This letter provides powerful lessons in how to handle suffering, how to respond when your integrity is questioned, as well as warnings against following illegitimate Christian leaders.  And in the midst of it all, Paul strikes a hopeful note of confidence in the truth that God’s grace and purposes will ultimately triumph.

Speaker: Pastor David Sheppard

Message Notes