Clash of Cultures: Part Six: Uncommon Sense (Jesus) (October 13, 2019)

Because of sin, relationships are fractured. Selfishness and meanness are inherent to human nature. We include some and exclude others. Most everyone has experienced the pain of rejection and hatred.

This seems like a good place to reference the gospel, right? Something like, “Jesus came to save us from sin and selfishness, and put His love in us so we can build healthy relationships.” True, except that for a Christian, part of our calling is a life of rejection. Jesus said he came set family members against each other. We’re told we need to stop loving the world and all that’s in it. And we’re promised that if we behave in a godly way, we’ll be persecuted. Rejection is built-in to the Christian life.

In Clash of Cultures, we’ll look at what the Scripture says about living as exiles in the world. We’ll learn how a Christian should belong and not belong.

Speaker: Pastor David Sheppard

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