Grand Design – Part Three: Rules Rules Rules (June 23, 2019)

Imagine you had never visited the Grand Canyon, or even seen pictures of it, but an opportunity arose to be part of a research team and travel there. You went there to study a rare plant species such as this one. You rafted about a ½ mile down the Colorado River to a small side canyon where the plant was growing. After your visit, your motorized raft took you back upriver and you traveled home. Now suppose someone asked you what you thought of the Grand Canyon. How much could you tell them? Your perspective would be limited to the small part of it that you experienced. Without standing on its edge or taking a helicopter trip over it, you would have little idea of the panoramic splendor of its vast expanse.

This limited perspective can also exist when we study the Bible. Though it’s extremely important to study it up close – to zoom in on a particular section or subject of Scripture – we must also take a few steps back. This means looking at the Bible as a whole, as an unfolding revelation of God’s purposes for our world. In Grand Design, we’ll try to take the various pieces of the Bible and present an overall picture of the sweeping panorama of God’s plan for the ages.

Speaker: Pastor David Sheppard

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